The extreme attention to detail and the choice of fine natural yarns characterize the DANAPISARRA collections.
The inserts in lace and the precious applications give life to refined garments that are perfect to wear in everyday life
Proper care helps to preserve the shape, structure and comfort of our creations. For this reason, we suggest some tricks to maintain the original characteristics of DANAPISARRA garments over time.

Follow these simple tips for the care of delicate items:

1. For a good hand wash: wash the clothes inside out, in warm water with a mild detergent. Leave to soak for about 15-30 minutes. Rinse with clean water at the same temperature as the wash.

2. For a good washing in the washing machine: Insert the garments in the washing machine on the reverse, even better in a specific envelope for washing underwear. Use a delicate or specific program for wool, with cold water or with a maximum temperature of 30 °, use a minimal amount of neutral liquid soap (or specific for wool and cashmere) and do not use fabric softener.

3. Use a soft centrifuge at low speed (max. 600 rpm) and spread the garments carefully on a horizontal plane, letting it dry away from the sun and heat sources.

4. If washing was carried out in accordance with the previous steps, ironing may not be necessary. In any case it is advisable to keep the garment upside down by simply giving it a few shots of steam, or to iron it using very low temperatures so as not to compromise the fibers

5. Always keep a good mothproof in your wardrobe.

Attention: the chemical products contained in the detergents, the high temperature of the water and the centrifuge can cause the felting of wool and cashmere and can cause damage to lace and applications