Founded in the second half of the 40’s the brand DANA immediately established itself as one of the finest Italian knit underwear manufacturers. The acquisition from the Pisarra Family in the 80’s, which added their surname to the brand, marked the turning point for the brand evolution: innovative models, yarns, cuts and colours took the stage to shape the new DANAPISARRA identity.

From father to son the brand evolves and grows, thanks to the wise internationalization and to the constant stylistic research. The continuous research on innovation led
to the birth, alongside with the classic underwear proposals, of two new collections: resortwear and readytowear.

Passion, dedication and resourcefulness, today as then, constitute the soul of the company, in which the generational change has succeeded in marrying a contemporary style while preserving the craftsmanship and the love for the sartorial tradition of luxury knitwear.